i131 New Hampshire is a specialized veterinary service at the Capital Area Veterinary Emergency & Specialists (VCA-CAVES) in Concord, New Hampshire, which is dedicated exclusively to the care and treatment of feline hyperthyroidism using radioactive iodine injection (i131), the only cure for the disease.

Many older cats develop a thyroid disease where too much thyroid hormone is produced. This elevated hormone causes your cat's metabolism to run too high, causing weight loss, heart disease and kidney disease. Other signs can include hyperactivity or lethargy, appetite changes, increased drinking, behavioral changes, and/or diarrhea. Left untreated, hyperthyroidism is fatal.

Guinea Pigs and Hyperthyroidism

Guinea Pigs develop hyperthyroidism and can be treated with i-131. Click here to find out more about the disease and treatment.

Treat Hyperthyroidism with just One Injection of i-131

Fortunately, over 98% of cases are curable with the use of a radioactive iodine injection - i131. One injection of iI-131 will destroy the abnormal thyroid tissue in 98% or more cases. The advantages of i-131 are:

  1. No anesthesia
  2. 98%+ success rate
  3. No lifelong daily medications
  4. Does not affect normal thyroid tissue or the nearby parathyroid tissue
  5. Experts agree that I-131 is the preferred method of treating hyperthyroidism in cats
  6. The total cost of I-131 is less than other treatment methods

i-131 Treatment Facility in Concord, New Hampshire

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